Photo of Dale Dykins

Sonata in A Minor

for violin & piano

Allegro Risoluto I. Allegro Risoluto - Duration: ca. 7:00

Grave II. Grave — un poco misterioso - Duration: ca. 5:00

Allegro Agitato III. Allegro Agitato - Duration: ca. 3:15

The above recording of the 1st Movement is from the Prize winning video by Leonid Zhelezny, violin, and Andrey Iliushkin, piano. The recordings of movements 2 and 3 are demonstration recording generated with Sibelius and Garritan Personal Orchestra.

sheet music available from
Art of Sound Music, J.W.Pepper and SheetMusicPlus.

The score for Dale Dykins' Sonata in A Minor was found in a closet after his death in 2009. From the markings on the score, it appears that the Sonata was performed with Dykins at the piano, probably in July 1951. It is believed that the Sonata had not been performed in more than 50 years.

The first movement of the Sonata was the subject of the 2013 Burke & Bagley Prize. Violinist Leonid Zhelezny and pianist Andrey Iliushkin won the Prize with this outstanding video: